Our unique environment and premises provide the perfect setting for your event. With an astonishing view from the top of Turning Torso  you can see all of Malmö, Copenhagen and the beautiful Scanian plains.

Here you sit comfortably in soft leather chairs, in rooms created by the architect Santiago Calatrava. The flexibility of the premises means that we offer everything from small meetings up to 120 people on our floors 49, 53 & 54.

Events such as conferences, meetings, customer events, fairs, mingling events and trainings are just a few examples of events we can offer you!



Our conference rooms are designed by the building’s creator, the architect Santiago Calatrava. The interior, floor, walls, ceiling and lighting are made of natural materials such as wood, marble & glass. Floor 54 is slightly darker as the walls are covered in pear wood, floor 53 is a lighter tone as American maple is used.

The goal is to create an environment that breathes harmony, where people should be in focus and stand out. Therefore, it is a monochrome color scale that colored all the interior. Color varies by light. Sometimes champagne, sometimes more green and other times it goes gold.


shm utsikt

The unique height means you get a powerful view of Öresund, Malmö city, Lund, Skanör-Falsterbo, the Öresund-bridge, Möns Klint and Copenhagen.


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We accept groups from 15 people up to 120 people. Our staff is always on hand to answer questions and make your meeting as smooth as possible.

The rooms can be divided and the furniture adapted to your event.


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Up in the clouds it’s easier to stay focused.

Everyone is gathered. No disturbing moments or people passing by – here it’s just you and your guests.

The bright monochrome color scheme in the interior means that the people are in focus and stand out.


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Our meeting rooms have modern technology and our knowledgeable staff makes sure that everything is prepared and ready when you come to us.

• Control all equipment via touchpad
• Projectors
• Wireless microphones
• Sound system
• Wi-Fi
• Teleconference (booked before the meeting)