Live Music

The finishing touch, or the icing on the cake? Yes, live music gives an extra lovely atmosphere to the event.

Jazzy, troubadour, country or party songs that increase the pulse of the guests. Bring your own musician or let us help you with the entertainment.

Mysteries with Sherlocked

You take a break from reality and take on the role of detectives for an hour in Sherlocked portable games.

Team building and fun brain exercise with lively and clever puzzles.

Suitable for both smaller meetings and conferences and is a really fun way to practice collaboration and bring the group together. The games take place in our premises.


Get in the mood on your way here or continue listening to our wonderful conference music at home.

Listen to SKY HIGH MEETING’s playlist “Conference in the sky” or “Funky Fridays” on Spotify.

World-class sorcery and magic

Meet the Nordics’ best close-up magician. With modern magic based on sleight of hand, psychology and humor, he makes you doubt your senses!

Let the magician figure among the guests at your mingling and be fascinated by the magic. A perfect ice breaker!

Also book a different lecture where our magician talks about the psychology behind magic. Perfect for inserting as a break in longer meetings or as a final activity.


A DJ quickly raises the pulse of the guests and gives an extra lovely atmosphere to the event.

We have suggestions for DJs we can discuss.


A guest speaker always adds a little extra substance to your meeting or conference.

Feel free to contact us for ideas!