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Food & Beverage

A First-Class Dining Experience

We develop our menu with food and drinks together with restaurant BON ICI. Our ambition is to offer a first-class dining experience – whatever time of day it is.

We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, buffets, etc. in our conference rooms on the 53:rd and 54:th floor.

BON ICI ‘s inspiration comes from the classic and modern French and Skane cuisine. We offer everything from breakfast seminars and businesslunches to the seasonal evening menus with associated drink menu.

Sesonal Menu

Skagen with shrimps, dill, lemon, mayonnaise, egg and rye bread

Veal prime rib with asparagus, potatoes, lemon and rapeseed hollandaise

Chocolate pate with raspberry crisp and whipped cream



We are working closely with restaurant BON ICI, which supplies food & beverage for our conference guests. BON ICI is located in the Torso Gallery next to Turning Torso.

Best Kick Off ever!! The evening turned out great, and it was a fantastic place for a Kick Off!  Great service and very friendly staff. The food was perfect and the live music really, really good.

/ICA Kvantum Emporia