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Entertainment & Activities

Entertainment or Activities to Strengthen the Team Spirit?

We have many exciting ideas for activities and entertainment to make your conference or event more special and unique!

Below are Some Ideas

Ask us and we’ll tell you more, and can suggest a program that suits you.

Music Entertainment

Live Music

Live music creates a great atmosphere for your event.
Please contact us for suggestions of artists.



Meet the best Nordic close -up magician. With modern magic based on dexterity, psychology and humor he gets you to doubt your senses!
Let the magician mingle with your guests at your reception and be fascinated by magic. A perfect icebreaker!

Outdoor Activities in the Area

Explore the Western Harbour

Turning Torso’s location in the city is unique – the Western Harbour, with the seaside area within walking distance to both the city centre and to the beach. A perfect area to take a stroll in!
Examples of activities in the area:
Swimming in the sea, canoeing and kayaking, Ribersborg’s Kallbadhus, Kockum Fritid (ice rink, indoor swimming pool and sports center), Wakeboard.

Peaceful Activities for the Senses

Wine Tasting and Chocolate Tasting

WINE TASTING, 1.5 hours
During our tastings , we take you to a new level and challenge your taste buds to new amazing experiences. The tasting can be tailored to a specific area or type of wine.
Chocolate tasting, 1 hour
We begin with a brief history of cocoa, the manufacturing and the basics of how to taste chocolate. Later on, we taste 6-8 different types of chocolate. During the tasting, you will be exposed to an exciting new world of magical aromas and flavors!